Getting Unstuck

Woman Holding Hand Up

It took me a long time to realize that I could make a difference in my own evolution. I grew-up being the one that always helped; the one that always said “yes;” the one that always accepted situations, people and things into my life just because they came to me. I didn’t know that I could say, “NO.” Would I hurt people’s feelings? Would they get mad? Would it be against the rules? Would it be wrong? I was stuck in everybody else’s mud. I didn’t really change any lives by giving all of me. I never considered if it was beneficial for me. I just did what I was told.

I began to say “NO” when I realized that my children were suffering. That was my first awakening. I was suffering as well, but I was willing to take it until I realized that it wasn’t fair for my children. For most people it takes extremely painful experiences to move forward in life, to evolve. After you say, “NO” to what is not serving a positive purpose, then you must start saying, “YES” to what moves you forward. In my case it means creating, experimenting and serving.

We are co-creators with the universe. Things in this world are not done by nature alone. We build the bridge, we paint the picture, we cook the meal, or in my case we write. We write the book, or the poem, or the blog. The power to create is in all of us. The need to express is in all of us. We all have something to share with the world, and someone in the world is ready for what we have to give.

In order to create, we need to experiment. I believe we are in this material world to experience it fully. We are here to learn to make choices. We are here to learn our lessons and move forward. So, going out there and experimenting is a must. Fear was my obstacle for years. I didn’t try many things because of fear. I didn’t do too many things by myself because I would probably mess-up. Of course, now I know that if I don’t mess-up, I don’t learn. So, I am jumping into things I have not done before and learning like crazy. I have also sharpened my decision-making process, so my choices are not perfect, but wiser than before. In turn, I express my experience in my art.

Because we are connected whether we like it or not, working with, and serving others is a must. I choose activities that are good for others and give me joy at the same time. I also have the ability to make a boring activity joyous if it is beneficial. Many elderly people find their purpose serving through their church or community group. Some others volunteer their professional services.

I have served throughout my life, and it did give me satisfaction, but It was never enough to feel connected to my essence, and to all there is. Expressing your creativity and experimenting the material world is a must to move your life forward towards a better version of you.

Be well!