Absolutely Relative

Absolutely Relative Cover

Through snippets of her own life, Ana Maria takes you from her darkest moments all the way to heaven and back down to achieve balance.  Take the journey of her evolution and find out how it is connected to yours. Go from a living a life by default to living a life by design and find tools, strategies and understandings to bridge the gap between the two.

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No matter what your struggles have been, whether you are 20 or 90, be empowered with her words to grow, wake up, and leap forward to the new you as you positively impact humanity.

— J.C.M.

This is definitely book-club material!

— T.V.

From slavery to freedom.

— L.H.R.

Inspiring and motivating, specially to those of us that desire to be better versions of ourselves.

— Olga H.

Fabulous, couldn't put it down! Highly recommended!