Independence From What

For thousands of years people have fought to be free from others. I learned that first I have to be free from my mind. My mind was a chatterbox and I believed everything it said. It mostly said to follow unwritten rules and concepts that were probably used by my ancestors or by others around me. Some of those concepts included: “You have to blindly obey;” “you don’t have enough;” “you are not worth much,” and “you are not capable.”

Once I realized that I was accepting these behavior patterns, I was able to make the decision to become free of them. It’s not an easy process, but one worth pursuing. It requires that you become an objective evaluator.

One benefit from this for me was improved relationships. I did not need to be controlled anymore because I didn’t believe anymore that others had to tell me what to do. I was and am capable to be, to do, and to make decisions for my well being. So, I learned to say, “No.” I learned to weigh my choices. And I was also able to evaluate relationships in order to ask for dynamics to change if necessary.

If your life is not yielding the results you would like, the problem may be stemming from a paradigm that is no longer serving you. Freedom is a wonderful thing!

Happy Independence Day!

4 Replies to “Independence From What”

  1. It is worth looking at any Independence Day as a celebration of the strides we take in pursuit of our own true freedom!

  2. The road blocks your mind creates in order to continue that known and therefore comfortable set of behaviors is extremely daunting. For me it’s constantly saying “oh but I don’t know how. If someone would give me the steps to follow and walk with me or at least be there for me I could do it.” I have a lot to learn. Getting rid of the idea that my actions are right or wrong rather than a step in the direction of my own life’s journey has been a key for me. Thank you Ana. My favorite wise woman.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s good to hear from you. It’s not our job to know how. If we have our “what” (goal) really, really clear in our mind and our heart, our “how” will be revealed step by step. It’s so hard to trust in this process, but it has worked for so many. You are right, our actions are not right or wrong, they just give us feedback to help us in the next step we should take. I am proud of you for looking forward. Be well!

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